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i Have been a Seeker fOr 18 Years

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Alainna Garlick Peace Lilith Death Doula
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I help people die

- not in a Kevorkian way -

In a ‘what was all that for?’,

‘I can’t believe I did that?’,

‘There’s so much to think about..’,

‘How do I make this meaningful?’


It’s all about supporting the transformation of despair into integrity and wholeness.

I’m also a Transitions Doula.



I work with people who are going through major change, or who feel that major change is needed to move forward in their lives.

Flying in the face of expectations, most of my life; learning the hard way, most of the time… over and over and over, I’ve had to drop in and do the work of shifting my mindset. Facing my shadows. Dragging my leaden feet through the stick and chaos through the  transformation to golden alchemy.

Years of personal study of the body, mind, and soul, and working with clients in all types of situations continues to develop my inner wisdom. I’ve learned to really trust my own path, and to face forward, leaning into my fears and those of the people around me.

Tipping a wild and constantly shifting life towards growth, transformation, and authenticity is my Magnum Opus, my life’s greatest work.

When I die, and look at my own death doula, to them I will say…

I know who I am and what life was for.

I’m so happy I did my work.

My mind, soul, and body are calm.

I know this was meaningful.

What a beautiful legacy.”

What will your Magnum Opus be?

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My name is Alainna, and I’m a death Doula.

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My gift is tO be able To see what is Missing, And to fInd the Piece that cOmpletes The puzzle.

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By diving deep into the shadow caves of my subconscious.

Turning in to find the roots of my beliefs and feelings.

Radical Self Acceptance through Radical Self Inquiry.

Constantly welcoming back the pieces of my splintered human soul.

‘Aha Moments’ - where something clicked and I could move forward - finally surfacing to fill my lungs with air.

Now, I own two businesses while raising four boys in a blended household with my amazing partner in life, having consciously grown and created what I want my life to be. Never do I stop learning, and rarely am I without a trial to face. Gathering tools over this lifetime has simply allowed me to move quickly and efficiently through tribulation and into growth. My life is authentic and fulfilling, with the entire spectrum of human emotion welcome for the purpose of alchemy.

I am trained as an End of Life Doula through INELDA (the International End of Life Doula Association). I am also a licensed massage therapist specializing in deep myofascial release to facilitate the healing of trauma in the body.

My desire to practice as a doula began with my own personal experience with having a doula when birthing my own children.

Witnessing the transformative power of holding space for others carried out by a doula’s ability to remain an anchor in the storm of a very physically and emotionally challenging time changed my entire vision of what support was. So, I learned to sit in the dark and harrowing moments in order to gather the innate fruit of wisdom that grows there.

As a massage therapist focused on the release of trauma in the body, I am vastly experienced in holding space for my clients, who arrive in the pain of the physical, emotional, and spiritual unease. For years, I’ve been providing massage therapy in this way - to make it easier for and more comfortable for an individual to exist in their human body, the most vital tool for experiencing a transformation in human life.

Over time, however, I began to wonder – what about being comfortable in death? The very last moment we experience being in our physical bodies, or being in our lives as they are in this very moment? What can be done to reduce the fear and trauma that so often accompanies death and change?

I am familiar with tragic loss, as death and transition in my own personal experience has been frequently sudden and unexpected. I understand the pain of traumatic grief, which has opened a strong desire to make any human’s transition, in life or death, as peaceful and rewarding as possible.

Through this work, I now help clients prepare for what so many fear and yet, ultimately, we all must come to terms with – the constant of change and the ability to transform, the end of our lives, and ultimately, integrity through death or transition of any kind.

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As a Death Doula, I work with a person who is dying or their family to support their entire journey. Together, we walk through life review, legacy projects, celebrations of life, vigil planning, and the execution of those plans. The purpose of this work is to prepare for the sacred process of dying and to be supported throughout the final transition. As your Death Doula, my goal is to make sure that your wishes and needs are honored, while also working to support your loved ones and caretakers. This work is meaningful and transformative to anyone who is facing death, young or old.


As a Transition Doula, I work with people who are in the midst of great changes in their lives, or are looking to break free of restrictive patterns inhibiting their growth. Through alchemical processes and approaches, we break through obstacles that cloud our vision of alignment, authenticity, and growth.


I study and search, yearning for the fulfillment of wisdom. I have followed the moon since I was a child, drawing her down and close before I knew what sacredness was. My joy and solace has been under a lunar sky. This continually leads me to the natural rhythms of the world and their divinity and reliability. Seasons and tides will always change. The sky as we view it will always shift. Nothing is forever, the only constant is the cycle in which it may return so that we continue to learn.


In the short course of this life, I have survived abandonment, becoming a young mother, suicide attempts and incorrect diagnosis, marriages featuring addiction and abuse, divorce, and tragic, unexpected loss.

Through all of the chaos that were these transformational transitions, I thrived by continuing to search out my authentic alignment, stripping away societal expectations and all of the myriad stories that kept me small.

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